Hey guys. I have a somewhat big conundrum. It’s my doll wish list. It’s really long. 1. Felicity 2. Samantha 3. Molly 4. Emily 5. Nellie 6. Truly me 64 yep, that’s the mystery doll. 7. Maryellen 8. Marie Grace 9. Cecile 10. Caroline 11. Truly me 29 12. Truly me 67 13. Truly me 58 14. Kira 15. Kit 16. Nanea 17. Ruthie 18. Saige 19. Lanie 20. Jess 21. Lea 22.  Ivy 23. Courtney 24. Z 25. Grace 26. Josefina 27. Truly me 66 That’s all the dolls I can remember right now. I think 64 and felicity are top of my list though, despite the order shown. I need help! Should I get felicity, 64 or some other doll?

Name my next doll!

I’m not gonna tell you who she is, but I will give you some clues. 1. She is AAPI. 2. She is a truly me I’m not gonna say where I’m getting her, because that would give it away. I will be doing this here and on AGDN and I will see which name combo gets the most votes! First names Arden Connie Kiera Erika  Aaliyah Middle names Erin Everly

Historical Of The Week: Kit!

 Hello and welcome to my newest program. HOTW. It is very similar to Doll Of The Week on, except it’s just the Historicals! Margaret Mildred Kittredge, or Kit as you know her, was the 7th historical doll. Released in 2000, Kit represents the great drepression era. She is a tomboy and dislikes flouncy things. She likes baseball, and her best friend is Ruthie Smithens,

Checking in

 Hey guys! It’s me, Sadie, just checking in.  I haven’t been very active as of late, Because I haven’t had much to blog about. I hope you understand. This blog is very far from being inactive,  And I’m not planning on it being so. I hope you all are doing well. I’ve been super busy,  And I’ve been active on other blogs. Like, And I’ve been having time to gather myself,  since the past week has been kind of hectic. Sadie.

Happy Fourth of July!

 Hey guys! Happy fourth from me, Mia, Sadie, Luciana and Jocelyn! Sry for the photo quality, I made all of these shirts and skirts.

The connecting

 So lately I’ve been kinda spending time with my dolls one on one, and I’ve been feeling the connection between me and Luciana growing.

A stopmotion idea

 I will be doing these short videos and they’re just going to be short clips of my dolls daily life.